invalid clicks

Invalid Clicks

Invalid clicks are as old as online advertising exists in this world. Advertisers click on competitors’ advertisements, Publishers click on ads from their own platforms, click bots and click farms there are plenty of ways to generate it. So, how can we avoid these?

cost per conversion

Cost Per Conversion Marketing Campaign

When a company spends advertising or marketing budget online it is important to track results, in order to compare successful campaigns, to the not-so-successful campaigns. Cost per conversion (CPC) is an important metric to obtain on a daily or monthly basis to discover campaign improvements.   Cost Per Conversion CPC is a marketing metric used…

paid online advertising

Paid Online Advertising

Paid online advertising has been launched about 20+ years ago. But as this digital world seems to be evolving rapidly, the opportunities are now. As part of effective digital marketing strategies paid online advertising can deliver traffic with precision. Discover the benefits of PPC, Social Media Ads, Display Ads, Google Search and more to reach…

cost per acquisition campaign

Cost Per Acquisition Campaign

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is a marketing metric that measures the cost of acquiring a new customer or conversion through a particular marketing channel or campaign. The metric calculated by dividing the total cost of a marketing campaign by the number of acquisitions or conversions resulting from it.

what is Programmatic Display Advertising

What Is Programmatic Display Advertising?

What is Programmatic is a very big question, with a complex answer. Programmatic Display Advertising could transform the digital advertising sphere like never before. Programmatic advertising has taken the marketing and advertising world by storm in the last couple of years and is leaps ahead of the rest in terms of technology and innovations. This…